Major traditional festivals of Taiwan 3/4: 端午節 [Duān wǔ jié]

This page deepens your understanding of “端午節” [Duān wǔ jié] (Dragon Boat Festival) which is one of the four major traditional festivals in Taiwan and the biggest festival in Summer.


What is 端午節 [Duān wǔ jié] ?

端午節 [Duān wǔ jié] (Dragon Boat Festival) is the 5th day of May on the lunar calendar.

A day to pray for disease-free. The biggest festival in Summer.

Origin of 端午節 [Duān wǔ jié]

• Since ancient times, May 5th is a day to pray 五福大帝 [Wǔ fú dà dì] (God who control the plague to keep the epidemic away).

• It is believed that the lunar calendar notation “午初五(午端五)” on May 5th changed to 端午.

• From the Warring States period, it will be commemorated as the anniversary of the death of 楚 [Chǔ]’s bureaucrat (poet) 屈原 [Qū yuán] .

Customs of 端午節 [Duān wǔ jié]

• Get rid of evil.

• Hang banyan trees, mugwort, lemongrass, etc. at the entrance. (Insect repellent, Talisman)

• Wear a 香包 [Xiāng bāo] (Sachet) which containing Chinese herbs. (Preventing colds)

• Eat 粽子 [Zòng zi] (Rice dumplings). (Take nourishing food to survive hot and humid Summer)

• 立蛋 [Lì dàn] (Egg balancing): A luck test that it is good to have an egg stand vertically on the ground
at 午刻 [Wǔ kè].

• 扒龍舟 [Bā lóng chuán] (Dragon Boat): Row a boat decorated with dragons. (Derived from the legend of 屈原 [Qū yuán])

Summary of 端午節 [Duān wǔ jié]

Since ancient times, 端午節 [Duān wǔ jié] has existed as a prayer day for disease-free. With the times, it is well known as the day of Dragon Boat Festival by the legend of 屈原 [Qū yuán].

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