Major traditional festivals of Taiwan 4/4: 中秋節 [Zhōng qiū jié]

This page deepens your understanding of “中秋節” [Zhōng qiū jié] (Mid-Autumn Festival) which is one of the four major traditional festivals in Taiwan and the biggest festival in Autumn.


What is 中秋節 [Zhōng qiū jié] ?

中秋節 [Zhōng qiū jié] (Mid-Autumn festival) is 15th of August on the lunar calendar.

The day to worship the moon. The biggest festival in Autumn.

Origin of 中秋節 [Zhōng qiū jié]

The exact origin is unknown. Legends about the harvest moon, such as the rabbit on the moon, exist all over Asia. The custom of worshiping the moon in August has been around since ancient times, and one theory is that also served as an Autumn harvest festival.

Customs of 中秋節 [Zhōng qiū jié]

• Watch the moon.

• Have a good time with family.

• Send 月餅 [Yuèbǐng] (Mooncake) to each other.

• Eat 柚子 [Yòuzi] (Pomelo).

• Do BBQ 烤肉 [Kǎoròu] (Barbecue).

In addition to the above, there are unique customs in some regions.

Summary of 中秋節 [Zhōng qiū jié]

Originally the day to worship the moon but now it became a day of family gathering in Autumn.

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